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What We Fund

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The Lord's Gym Oroville offers $5/month gym memberships for anyone ages 13-17 with the aim of providing a safe, positive environment for at-risk youth. We also support projects working with children in very difficult circumstances such as being taken into foster care or fighting to escape the sex industry. 


We believe in valuing and caring for all people, regardless of their circumstances. We support projects that feed the destitute and vulnerable, befriend the homeless, elderly and lonely and provide advice and support for women dealing with unexpected pregnancy.


Changing one life can impact so many more. We support projects that give people, who have experienced destruction and hopelessness as a result of addiction or otherwise, a chance to recover their lives, learn job skills, train in ministry and become a positive part of society once more. 


We strongly believe that the best life comes from using your time, energy and resources to benefit others. That's why all of our businesses are run by volunteers. Our aim is to provide a way for everyone, regardless of their age, finances or talents, to invest in community transformation.

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